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Annotated Bibliography

1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX Champs. Home Page. Chi Town Sports Crew. 18 May 2002 <http://www.sportcenters.net/1985bears.html>.

This fan webpage is a tribute to the 1985 Bears team. It provides links to other Chicago team pages made by the Chi Town Sports Crew. They briefly summarize the team, the rap music video, and the Super Bowl victory, and also provide the team depth chart and the remaining roster also. They also provide the season schedule with scores included.

Carroll, Bob, et al. Total Football II. New York: HarperCollins, 1999.

In these 1800+ pages, notable is the 300 greatest football players, annual awards, the player register, all-time records, and season statistics. This book is current through the 1998 season, and has just about every football statistic imaginable. There are also breakdowns of every Super Bowl game and Pro Bowl game through 1998, and scores of every game played in National Football League history.

Carter, Craig, and Dave Sloan. The Sporting News Pro Football Guide. St. Louis: Times Mirror, 1999.

This book was meant to preview the 1999 National Football League season, with team information, schedules, draft order, expansion draft order, and playoff setup. It also has a records index in the back. It begins with year-by-year standings, then moves on to Super Bowls, and then moves onto individual records. These are listed not only on an all-time basis, but also leaders for each year and single season records. Also included are Hall of Fame inductees, and all-time leaders for each individual team.

Cotton, Anthony. "Bears' McMahon is Throwback to Sootier Era." Seattle Times 6 Oct. 1985: C5. ProQuest Direct. John F. Kennedy Lib., Cheney. 14 May 2002 <http://proquest.umi.com>.

This article compares Bears quarterback Jim McMahon to other star quarterbacks at the beginning. He claims not to be a television star, he just wants to be recognized for his football abilities. It goes on to talk about his personality, and hints at foreboding disputes with head coach Mike Ditka. He is a tough guy who plays through pain, but Ditka fears that it may get him seriously injured some day.

Ditka, Mike. Ditka: An Autobiography. Chicago: Bonus Books, 1986.

Head coach Mike Ditka begins his autobiography with several chapters outlining the Super Bowl victory and background information. He then backtracks into his pre-football life, and then into his playing career in the 1960s. The next section includes his post-player career, and ends with a segue into his coaching career. The book was written in 1986 so the coaching section ends after the 1985 season, but he includes profiles of some of his then current players, Jim McMahon, William Perry, and Walter Payton. He ends looking forward to the 1986 season, denouncing drug use, and talking about family life and his golf game.

Downey, Mike. "Bears' Perfect Season Crumbles in Miami Vise." Los Angeles Times 3 Dec. 1985: 1. ProQuest Direct. John F. Kennedy Lib., Cheney. 14 May 2002 <http://proquest.umi.com>.

This article begins with some background information about the Bears losing their only game in the 1985 season. He then goes into game details, including a summary of the Miami Dolphins touchdowns. The Bears quarterback was not Jim McMahon, for he was injured. Backup Steve Fuller played for most of the game, before an ankle injury forced McMahon in. The author was obviously sympathetic to Miami in that his language puts a favorable spin on the Dolphins and makes the Bears appear as untalented buffoons. At the end, the author speculates that the Bears continued to let running back Walter Payton run the ball rather than passing for touchdowns to help Payton preserve a record. That gave him nine straight games with 100-yards.

Oates, Bob. "This Quiet Man Plays With a Roar in His Final Season, the Bears' Singletary Hasn't Lost His Desire to Be the Best." Los Angeles Times 10 Nov. 1992: 1. ProQuest Direct. John F. Kennedy Lib., Cheney. 21 Apr. 2002 <http://proquest.umi.com>.

This article is an overview of the life and career of Bears linebacker Mike Singletary. He begins by discussing Singletarys personality and then moves on to the end of his playing career in 1992. He then compares Singletary to New York Giants great Lawrence Taylor, and then goes back to his childhood with his mother holding down three jobs at once to support him and his nine siblings. It talks about his wide ethnicity and comes to an end.

Pierson, Don, and Jonathan Daniel. The SUPER Season: The Year to Remember 1985-86 Chicago Bears. Chicago: Bonus Books, 1986.

This book has information about the highlights of the season, with many action photos included. It begins with a 44-0 win over the Dallas Cowboys, and then talks about head coach Mike Ditka and his philosophy. Chapter three glorifies the defensive unit, and the following chapter summarizes the offense. The offense's leader, quarterback Jim McMahon receives his own chapter next, as does running back Walter Payton. The last true chapter is about rookie defensive tackle William "the Refrigerator" Perry, and in the appendix is the team roster and depth chart.

Santella, Andrew. "Da Bears!" Gentlemens Quarterly Oct. 2000: 204-214.

In this article, the author interviews members of the 1985 Chicago Bears fifteen years after their Super Bowl victory. He begins with the end of the 1984 season and through the draft, where they selected defensive tackle William Perry. The article moves on to the first few games of the season, including a Monday Night Football game, and through the next few games, notable a 44-0 win over Dallas Cowboys. Next the players reminisce about the Monday Night Football loss to the Miami Dolphins, and a quarrel between head coach Mike Ditka and defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan. After the loss they recorded the Super Bowl Shuffle music video and there are details about the shooting. They skip to the postseason where the Bears shut out the Giants and the Rams. Details about the Super Bowl and a controversy involving alleged statements by quarterback Jim McMahon follow, and they finish with answers of why they did not become a dynasty or even win another Super Bowl.

Rehling, John. "Super Bowl Shuffle." Online posting. The Chicago Bears a WWW site by John Rehling. 14 May 2002 <http://www.cogsci.indiana.edu/bears/shuffle.html>.

This website posts the lyrics of "the Super Bowl Shuffle," a rap/dance recording by several players on the Chicago Bears, announcing their Super Bowl intentions before the playoffs even started. Each player sings their own rhyme about themselves, usually the most influential players on the team. Featured rappers include Walter Payton (running back), Willie Gault (wide receiver), Mike Singletary (linebacker), Jim McMahon (quarterback), Gary Fencik (safety), and William Perry (defensive tackle). There are four other players in the video.