1985 Chicago Bears
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This is part of a term paper I wrote for an English class in the Spring of 2002. My goal was to prove without a doubt that the 1985 Chicago Bears were the best team to ever play pro football. I got 246/250 points on this and a 3.9 for the class. The actual essay was 13 pages, plus six additional pages of statistics and annotated bibliographies, however the first four pages do nothing but explain the game of football, assuming the reader knows nothing. The two pages following the rules of football contain a brief history of pro football, including the NFL, AFL, and AAFC. My main opponent in this essay was the 1972 Miami Dolphins, because of their so-called "perfect season," so much of the body of this essay has to do with comparing the two teams in many areas and therefore proving that the 1985 Bears are clearly superior to the 1972 Dolphins.

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